Screen Rooms

Extend your entertainment and living area outdoors with a custom screen room

Extend your entertainment and living area outdoors, with no threat of bothersome insects. Allow the breeze of the seasons in without compromising your comfort. Bring your whole family outdoors and relax in the shade. Most of all enjoy the scenery of your property in a whole new way.

Outdoor Living Space

Your new screen enclosure can be built onto an existing deck or patio, or customized to fit your new additions. With Tiger Wire Screen Systems, you have the same benefits of tightly woven screen that’s impenetrable by the smallest insects. A guaranteed durability that only .023 gauge stainless steel mesh with a black powder coat finish can provide. This material is essentially impervious to the elements and small animals. Not even a razor knife can cut through the wire mesh. Your pets and children are safe as the mesh is locked into a custom frame using a lock bar and cannot be pushed out of the frame. For indefinite placement and durability your Tiger Wire Screen System will last for years.

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